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World of the Soul

World of the Soul:
An exploration into inner space

"The soul is Light, an inner light that can illuminate our lives so that we can see clearly. In that light we can see the whole trend of our personality nature — our thoughts, emotions, and actions are all revealed to the inner Seer. In the radiance of that inner light our personality problems and issues dissolve and are dissipated, just as the sun dispels the mists of the morning. We can learn to see others in the light of the soul and thus help and aid them more readily. We can turn the light of the soul toward all human problems — the problems of the individual, the family, the city, state, nation, and even the entire world."

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Prelude to the New Man

Prelude to the New Man
An Introduction to the Science of Being

by Martin Muller

This book is dedicated to those pioneering spirits who give themselves to the creation of the new man in a new age.

This book provides a profound examination of the "science of being" or ontology, that leads to the unification of the three aspects of man. Various exercises are provided that train the faculties of perception in new and astounding ways.

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Dance of the Soul

Dance of the Soul
Peter Deunov's PanEuRhythmy

by Ardella Nathanael
Foreword by Don G. Campbell

PanEuRhythmy is an evolutionary dance for the 21st Century. It is a series of fluid movements performed in nature, accompanied by gentle, soothing music. These movements evolve naturally from the music, both arranged and composed by Peter Deunov in Bulgaria during the 1930s.

The dance of PanEuRhythmy creates a joyful, releasing, energizing communion with nature, ourselves, and one another. Participants draw renewed vitality from the life-giving energies of the grass, trees, fresh air, and sunshine. People experience new insights, an expanded perspective on life, inner peace, and greater love and joy.

The circle of PanEuRhythmy creates a "movement mandala" of great serenity and power. Each step reveals hidden truth and esoteric meaning about the nature of humanity and the stages of inner evolution. This is awakened by their moment to moment experience in the Dance of the Soul.

Ardella Nathanael has been a student of PanEuRhythmy since 1983. She braved the Communist regime to learn PanEuRhythmy at secret meetings in Bulgaria started by founder, Peter Deunov. In 1986, she helped introduce PanEuRhythmy in Europe and Great Britain. Ardella is adept at leading people gently and progressively to an increasingly deeper understanding of their inner process.

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The Butterfly Dance

by Ardella Nathanael
Music by Peter Deunov
English Lyrics by Vessela Nestorova and Barnaby Brown

The Butterfly Dance is a beautiful book for children. It teaches how to practice Peter Deunov's Paneurhythmy — a dance, movement meditation. Each movement of the Paneurhythmy is illustrated with enchanting paintings that show how the movements are performed. The sheet music is also provided along with the lyrics. All of this is tied together by a charming story of a caterpillar who seeks to become a butterfly. The illustrations show children from around the world dancing the divine Paneurhythmy movements created by the Master Peter Deunov.

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