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Welcome! Here you will find teachings about esoteric philosophy: that hidden Wisdom that is the synthesis and source of all religion, science, and philosophy. Please explore our esoteric articles and books.

The Path to Truth

The path to divine Truth is not what people expect it to be.

We may look at the fundamentalist believers of various religions who follow the literal meaning of their sacred texts, and laugh at their narrow-mindedness. We may imagine that we are more open-minded than most people. We may feel that we have a source of knowledge that is far beyond what other people have.

Yet as long as we look to books, gurus, and teachers, we have only gone, perhaps, one more step closer to Truth, but have not actually gone all the way.

We all know people who take the "word of God" literally. Sometimes we have been one of those people ourselves, and have come to realize that the sacred word of God is more than a prop for a narrow sect or religion. We have seen, perhaps, that there are essential truths within all the religions. We may have concluded that there is only one Source behind them all, and thus looked to each religion as being only one of many outer appearances or forms.

Nevertheless in all of this the pure, unadulterated Truth itself has remained elusive. The "truth that sets us free" of this world of illusion is something that many people claim to have but very few people actually demonstrate. We may suspect that the liberating Truth remains something that is a mystery and a secret which, perhaps, we feel that we may one day uncover. We may imagine that when we become worthy and wise, a teacher will arrive to inform us of the greatest secrets of the world — secrets of initiation and the hidden teachings of the mystery schools.

But is this so? Is not divine Truth ever-present? It may be that we are unaware of Truth not because we are inadequate, unworthy, or because our karma does not permit it, but because we are not in a mental place in which such things may be told to us. We are cut off not because of any fault or inadequacy, but because we have — unknown to ourselves — chosen to cut ourselves off. How is this possible?


Peter Deunov Photos

Peter Deunov portrait photo, in contemplation.Over 100 high-resolution Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) photos, including paneurhythmy photos of the retreat in Bulgaria. These photos were kindly supplied by Ardella Nathanael.

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World of the Soul
An exploration into inner space

"The soul is Light, an inner light that can illuminate our lives so that we can see clearly. In that light we can see the whole trend of our personality nature — our thoughts, emotions, and actions are all revealed to the inner Seer. In the radiance of that inner light our personality problems and issues dissolve and are dissipated, just as the sun dispels the mists of the morning. We can learn to see others in the light of the soul and thus help and aid them more readily. We can turn the light of the soul toward all human problems — the problems of the individual, the family, the city, state, nation, and even the entire world."


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